A Light Unveiled

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Duration - 5:00

“You see, in spite of my illnesses I have found living to be a choice far superior to not living. In living, I allow myself to see the world’s beauty. I allow myself to hear the music that will raise my spirits. I allow myself to feel the warmth of a friendly embrace. I allow myself to taste the food that has been prepared with love by those who love me. I allow myself to feel the happiness that no one, no thing, no illness can take away from me. That happiness has kept me alive so far. I believe it will continue.”

This paragraph concludes an essay of Samuel Randazzo’s personal encounter with mental illness mixed with a revelation of his own humanity and a realization of the world he would have soon explored. A Light Unveiled tells the story of a young man who chose to press on despite his mental illness and echoes a message of encouragement and hope to those who fight the same battle.

2 Flutes
2 Oboes*
3 Clarinets (B-flat)
Bass Clarinet (B-flat)
2 Bassoons
*2 Alto Saxophones
Tenor Saxophone
Baritone Saxophone

3 Trumpets
2 Horns
2 Trombones**


Bass Drum
Suspended Cymbal/Triangle
Vibraphone/Crash Cymbal

* Indicates instruments that are cross-cued** Indicates solo instruments