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Duration - 10:00

1 - Wicomico Fanfare
2 - Kingdom of the Sea
3 - Riverside Prayers
4 - The Amish Girl
5 - Farewell, My Dear Wicomico

The Wicomico River is a tributary of the Potomac River. The river covers approximately 77 square miles of land spanning three counties in Southern Maryland. The name Wicomico comes from the Native American words "wicko mekee" (which loosely translates to "a place where houses are built"). Aptly named, the 13-mile river hosts many small towns and villages along its shores on both sides.

Approaching the river from the heart of Saint Mary's County takes you through 6 miles of rural Amish land. Open grasslands accompanied by trees and lightly decorated with modest houses often with acres and acres of farmland. The next two miles is a golf course on a hill and a rather large neighborhood on the path leading down.

At the end of those two miles is Wicomico Shores, a small park planted on the riverbank of the Wicomico River. Although the scent of saltwater is faint at the top of the hill, nothing beats sitting on the water. It's a small backwoods park and nothing grandiose. However, all of us who spent time here all eventually leave with the purest memories and effortless smiles in reminiscence.

For such a small place, the sound of the waves crashing into the rocks still sounds majestic. The shimmer of the sunlight on the water is magical and the glimmer under the moonlight is mystical. Standing or sitting at the edge of the peer, smelling the air with closed eyes, still casts the burdens of the world aside. At the end of the pier, the world seems much more substantial and overwhelming. But all the more beautiful and breathtaking.

Wicomico Fanfare

My first memory of Wicomico Shores is somewhat hazy. I was a little kid on summer break with nothing to do at the house. My parents told my older sister and me to get
dressed because we were going out. The ride felt like it took forever and the
anticipation did not help at all. Eventually, we pulled into the parking lot
and the moment I stepped out of the car, I immediately felt at home. Even
though this was my first memory of Wicomico, I am almost positive it wasn't my
first time my parents brought me here. Although it was just an ordinary park
with a pavilion for cooking out and a pier, A little kid saw a ship dock. A
ship dock that led to the Atlantic Ocean and foreign land on the other side.

The Kingdom of the Sea

As a kid, I always had this weird thought that there was a world like ours somewhere on the ocean floor. Maybe not quite as mystical as Atlantis but something casual and
simple like my hometown. My mother bought us swimming goggles to wear while we swam. I hated how uncomfortable they were until I took my first dive under the water.
The discomfort went away as for once, I could see underwater. I marveled in awe
looking along the ocean floor and amused by the air bubbles. Eventually, I came
up with an idea; maybe this was all that I needed to find this city on the
ocean floor. So I began to search desperately. Over time, I came up less and
less for water as I ventured out into the deep. Did I mention that I can’t

Riverside Prayers

A month or so before my grandmother’s death, my cousin and I snuck out late at night. We didn’t really have anywhere to go so we decided to drop by Wicomico. We got there, parked and hopped the fence. Down to the end of the pier, we walked and sat on the edge. We spent a little while talking about life and eventually, he wanted us to pray. I asked him for what and he said he wanted to pray for the family that we may all grieve healthily. Unfortunately, we all knew it was her time to go and she was ready to leave us
here. After praying by the water, peace settled in and gave us a brief rush of
hope. Over time, hope turned into tears and after tears came singing and through singing we found resolve.

The Amish Girl

The area outside of Wicomico Shores was Amish land. Most of them appeared to keep to themselves socially aside from hanging out at the Amish market a few miles out. One day, I remember going down to Wicomico and an Amish family welcomed us to share the pavilion. Probably some of the sweetest people I have met to this day. As usual, we got settled in, and off to the water we went… except one of the Amish girls were very shy and nervous about coming with us. After a little bit of time, my sister and I convinced her to
come into the water with us. She was very shy and nervous at first. Over time,
this awkwardly clumsy but overwhelmingly warm-hearted person molted their shell
and joined the fun

Farewell, My Dear Wicomico

After breaking up with my high-school girlfriend, I found myself down at Wicomico Shores one last time before heading off to college. Contemplating life and my identity, I walk down to the end of the pier and sit. Staring at the water, my mind began to wander. I realized that once I left my home town, my future lied ahead. For once in my life, I was not afraid of the future and the unknown. Awaiting me was a new world, a new chapter in my
story, and a new opportunity. Waiting just for me.

2 Flutes
Oboe I
Oboe II / English Horn **^^
Bassoon I ^^ / II
Contrabassoon **
3 Clarinets in B-flat
Bass Clarinet in B-flat
Contrabass Clarinet in B-flat
2 Alto Saxophones in E-flat
Tenor Saxophone in B-flat
Baritone Saxophone in E-flat

4 Trumpets
4 Horns
2 Trombones
Bass Trombone
2 Euphoniums
String Bass **

Percussion I (Snare Drum, Bass Drum)
Percussion II (Marimba, Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals)
Percussion III (Xylophone, Vibraphone, Triangle)
Percussion IV (Orchestral Bells, Wood Block, Triangle, Tam-tam)
Percussion V (Chimes, Tambourine, Marimba)**

indicated part(s) are cross cued^^
indicated part(s) are featured