Works in Progress

Euphonium Concerto II: Stargazer

Anticipated Completion: June 15th

The Stargazer is an ambitious euphonium concerto portraying the introspection of life through unforgettable moment spent watching the stars of the night sky.

Prologue: The One Who Took the Sun

You know, there was a particular person who really stood out. I only have one memory of them for some reason, and that memory was the last time I saw them. They left one day, and when they left, they took the sun with them. It's been cold and dark since they left. I wonder where they went... or if they will ever come back.

I. Stories of the Zodiac

At first, I never understood why some people were interested in the sky. The moon and stars hang from the Heavens as they always do day by day, night by night. It took a friend sitting under the stars and pointing out these constellations to me. Even then, they were convenient shapes. As I spent more time admiring the clear skies in solitude, these meaningless structures finally looked like constellations. These constellations eventually painted pictures of celestial beings. Then, those constellations told legends of how the celestial beings reign the skies. The Zodiac is what I think they're called.

II. "...Often I Gaze Upon the Stars"

Although the night is still and quiet, the absence of lights summons new life. It's almost as if the darkness liberates these strange creatures and these deep thoughts too. I find myself asking many questions as often I gaze upon the stars, searching for answers. But asking rarely leads to answers, and answers hardly ever seem to suffice. Almost seems as if some questions are better left unanswered... unspoken... never thought of.

III. The Exodus of Shooting Stars

All I ask is a glimmer of hope. A light in the distance, an end to this tunnel. Another beacon of light to dispel the darkness for a moment, if nothing else. No matter how near or far the destination, no matter how long the darkness stays, one of these paths will lead me away towards the beyond... The promised land.

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