Christian L. Thomas is an emerging composer seeking to use his craft to break the fourth wall and create a personal experience through his music. To the audience, he seeks to creates an immersive experience depicting vivid portraits and emotions ranging from the exuberance of a carefree child to the haunting stillness of death, and many more in between. Thomas' craft focuses on allowing the performer to tell the story while allowing much freedom to interpret the music and bring the music to life as a story to tell.

    Christian completed his bachelor’s degree at Marshall University under the private instruction of Dr. Mark Zanter and pursues his masters at George Mason University under the private instruction of Prof. Mark Camphouse. In this span of time, Christian has commissioned pieces to Dr. Elizabeth Reed Smith, the Marshall University Trombone Choir, and the Marshall University Concert Band. He has also had performances at the Region VII SCI Conference at Arizona State University, Fairmont State University, as well as the West Virginia Public Radio.

    In addition to his primary concentration as a composer, Thomas also works as a brass instructor for the Magnolia High School marching band and an active performer in the Southern Maryland area.
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