Two Dances for Euphonium and Piano (2016)

Euphonium and Piano

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Duration - 10:00 

I. Kim's Waltz
II. Circus One-Step

Two Dances for Euphonium and Piano expresses the two rather diverse characters of my little sister.

A graceful and amiable character is depicted in Kim’s Waltz. From long, sweeping melodies to interplay between the piano and the euphonium, the piece creates a feeling of content… especially after the odd quirks in the music that give the piece, my sister as well, a light comical twist.

The Circus One Step, however, shows a completely unpredictable and adventurous character with quite the colorful imagination. With her short attention span and her interesting ideas, the constantly shifting tonality or the interesting resolutions act accordingly. The form gives a little bit of predictability but even then, you never get what you expect the first time around… or the second.